Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins

We can offer you one of the largest selections of interlocking log cabins fro all of the UKs and Europe’s  leading manufactures .

The word Log Cabin can mean many things ! when in real terms what most people will be getting nowadays is a thick Tongue and Grove Summerhouse .

Yes thats about it if you want the truth . We see adverts for 19mm thick Log Cabins on the net , well 19mm is not much more that the thickness of T+G we use in our sheds ! So how can it be a log ?

basic log cabins

popular summerhouse style log cabin

Premium Log Cabins

It is not until you start looking at at least 44mm will you get any sort of half reasonable logcabin and even that can be a bit of a test for your skills . Yes there are also lots of suppliers offering 44mm thick logcabins , but what about the thickness of the floor – the main part you will be using every time you walk in . Is it 19mm ? most are so ask your self will you be happy springing up and down every time you walk across it , because eat is what will be happening unless you have at least a 28mm thick floor board .

All our LV Log Cabins have 28mm floors and premium adjustable doors and windows .

modern log cabins

An example of a modern stylish log cabin office