Garden Sheds

Timber Garden Sheds

Nowadays things are not as straight forward as in the old days !

Why ? because you now have to much choice , to many different options of the sam thing .

Mobile Phones ! Cars ! Computures  and just about anything else you can thing of . It is simply the day and age we live in

and we all expect choice .

So why would you thing a shed be any different.

basic apex garden shed

Basic 8 x 6ft Apex T+G Garden Shed

From the most popular basic apex tongue and grove shed like the image above to virtually any size you have the space and money to pay for ! We can supply and fit offering you the very best value for money – pound for pound .

We DO NOT sell cheap sheds ! Only value for money discount sheds , built to a standard and not a price .

Cheap Sheds

Sorry we do not get involved in cheap low grade sheds that cause problems in the long term  ! Now days we are increasing seeing what we call “Budgies” in the trade . Got any “cheap””cheap”  sheds lad ? what has happened in the last few years is many members of the general public spend too much time on the internet and believe every thing and any thing they see .

Well there is the internet world and then there is the real world , the one we live in and have been making sheds in for over 25 years .

There is no ticket sicence being used in the garden shed industry ( we have not got the brains for that ) so it is this simple to make something cheap , something MUST be taken away nowhere to get the price down . Now owe can assure you it is only You the end user who will lose out in the end when this cheaply made , low quality shed falls apart and you go back on ebay or the likes looking for refund or repair .

Value For Money Sheds

That is what we offer – very simple and basic old fashioned value for money garden sheds . Built in the traditional way by local tradesmen who have a made it their living .


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