Shed Bases

Garden Shed Bases

Every garden shed or summerhouse will require a solid level base to give it any chance of lasting .

A bit like foundations on a house . If you don’t get that right it will fall over !


Some people like doing their own base , but a lot depends on how much work is to be done overall . A small 6 x 4 base will not be much of an issue for most , how ever once you start getting up to the 10 x 8 and over it becomes a totally different deal all to gether .

Now depending on what size and grade of building you are having will make a big difference to the base that is needed , by this we mean if you are having a larger say 12 x 8 shed which weighs in at around 250Kg or you are looking at a 44mm thick 12x 8 log cabin at around 750Kg ! You cam clearly see even the same sized building can have a missive difference in weight .

So the next thing is to decide what wil be best for you and the building in the long term ! You will also be restricted by your budget – the amount of money you have or are prepared to spend on a new shed or summerhouse base