Garden Summerhouses

Large or Small we can offer you the lot .

The price of a summerhouse simply comes down to 2 major items

How big you want the summerhouse ?

How much money you have to spend ?

How Big – That will simply depend on the space you have and the size you need for what you want to do it in ? No point in getting summerhouse that is to large where you fell like fish in the ocean .

More do you want it to small that you feel cramped and uncomfitable , so a compromise will be needed .

How much you want to  spend – One of the great questions , most people would like wine but only want to pay for water , but unfortunately life’s not like that these days . Yes you can always pick up a margin but what exactly are you getting !

Basic Summerhouses

Our most popular summerhouse is what we call the basic summerhouse , simply because it is the most basic shape and quality we have available .

Made from T+G – NO chip board or low grade OSB sheet materials that brake up when they get damp . Our basic summerhouses are made in the traditional way by nailing the 12mm Tongue and Grove onto 50mm x 50mm framework .

Our framework is generally 30% thicker than most shed and summerhouse supplier use in the UK and certainly in the Liverpool Merseyside area where 38 x 38mm if the norm ! So when you go comparing prices it needs to be on a likes for like basis .

Basic joiner made summerhouse doors – again how the doors are made and hung does make a massive difference to the overall make up of the summer house and its costings . We are seeing summerhouse suppliers simply nailing the ends of two bits of wood and calling it a door frame . No joints of stable way of locking the sections to make it last , but if price is your first issue then , bash on and buy from one of these low grade summerhouse suppliers we are not interested in the screams that come with this sort of product .


basic summerhouse

Basic 8ft wide x 6ft deep summerhouse with double doors


Mersey Deluxe Summerhouse

An up grade on the above sill using the premium 12mm T+G claiming all round , but with up graded doors and windows to full joinery Georgian style .

More of a traditional looking summer house with the criss cross windows , generally a better looking summer house 


mersey deluxe summerhouse

Deluxe Summerhouse with double gorgian doors and windows

Looking for something a bit more substantial ? they look at our heavy duty summerhouses